Your Poems

Are you a budding poet? An up and coming mc? Future rap star? Or maybe your already a pro! It doesn’t matter, get your poems/lyrics sent in and I’ll display them on this page.

26 Responses to “Your Poems”

  1. hello matt. it’s me venus.I like your poem ,what will school be like in the future. i find you really cool could u help me do some poems on friday when you come back . i would like to know how old you are please because i don’t know how old you are. so could you please tell me how old u are.

  2. Identity Identity is about your size

    Identity Identity is the colour of your eyes

    Identity Identity is how you look

    Identity Identity is the cover of your book

  3. sumayyah tall one bwood Says:

    poem bout me:0)
    what would i be like in some years time , will my room be clean or full of grime.
    will my passion for fashion ever change , or will i wear gangster clothes again and again. will i speak out loudly or just mime.

    amd thats that poem its all true.

  4. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Heyy Matt,
    Are all of these poems from the schools you have been to?
    Can I ask you a question?
    Around how many schools have you been to?

  5. In this life you’re on your own
    There’s no point picking up the phone
    Because no one will care what you say
    Just live life day by day
    Every man roles with a knife
    They don’t care about your life
    Just be happy with what you’ve got
    It might not be a lot
    Just do the best you can do
    Just live life being you
    Sometimes life will be tough
    And you’ll feel you’ve had enough
    Eventually you’ll get through
    And you’ll feel just like you
    You’re put on this earth for a purpose just remember you’re not worthless

    Dominic Doherty 13

  6. Never there.
    14 years daddy’s still not here
    Mommy wipes my eyes trying to make it clear
    He’s not here his not in my life
    His more concerned about his brand new wife
    I want to exist in his world
    But his to busy with his new baby girls
    It’d be easier if he was there
    At least then id no my daddy does care
    Little brother needs him to look up to
    He needs a role model that hold have been you
    Needs help fixing his bike
    But still your out of sight
    Me and mom try to help him out
    But then he starts to scream and shout
    Unlike dad moms always there
    At least I no my mommy care
    Mommy tries her best to bring us up
    Doesn’t always work she comes unstuck
    This isn’t a fiction just a fact
    Life would be easier if daddy came back.
    By; Rudi Pollin.

  7. Poppy Hughes Says:

    Hi Matt,
    I found you really interesting today and i have great respect for the way you’ve gone about writing.
    I have a few poems of my own that I wrote at the start of this year.
    How do I upload them onto your website ?
    Shall I just leave them as a ‘reply’ ?

    • Hi Poppy. I’m glad you enjoyed what I did :). If you want to send me your fave poem then just copy and paste it in to the comment box the same way you have posted this comment and then I’ll do the rest and put it on to my site. Matt.

  8. Poppy Hughes Says:

    I come home to everyone screamin’,
    Every single day, Mommy’s always feelin’,
    Hurt, down and like she’s alone,
    ’It’s for you’; I say, when I pick up the phone,
    She tells me to put it back down,
    Hopin’ that they’ll come round,
    The cops that is, so they can throw away that key,
    And tell my Mom that now she,
    Is free from the pain,
    And all that drives her insane,
    He never meant to hurt her,
    Insult and assault her,
    But now he’s full of evil and bad,
    All the things that make us sad,
    That’s just it,
    None of us can put up with all this sh…
    I have nowhere to go,
    Nobody wants to know,
    What I’m about, or anything about me,
    That’s why I’m hoping that you’ll see,
    There’s more to me than what meets the eye,
    Never say bye.

    Poppy Hughes, Aged 12, Haybridge High School

  9. Shannon Fitzpatrick Says:

    His Life, his story. by Shannon Fitzpatrick.

    He was a lyrical genius and he knew it, although he never used it.
    Life was a game to him, never backed down,
    Never was one for taking things seriously.
    He always wanted fame and when he found it,
    He got in trouble, Placed himself at the top of a downward spiral.

    But hey, he was invincible, Or so he thought, When he’d throw a punch, they would fall
    And he’d laugh and look at the crowd.
    But that was what life was like for him,
    Right from the start,
    A fight, a struggle for survival.

    When he got into the ring, I watched from the side-lines,
    so proud that he’d made it.
    So when the fight kicked off
    and the bell had finished ringing,
    the spotlight was on him and he knew it.
    He threw a punch at the opposition,
    Which left him standing in the wrong position,
    When he was hit in the head;
    I thought they’d left him for dead.
    But I knew he’d get up and show the world that he was worth it,
    But he didn’t, and the count had finished, he had lost the match.
    I went back to talk to him, ask him if he was ok,
    But he lost it, it was like an explosion.
    Never seen him this way
    It made me feel like I never knew him at all.

    He turned to rapping and rhyming as he knew he was good enough to try it.
    Wrote a few songs, he got them recorded.
    And I saw the spark was back in his eyes
    And at that moment I knew he was going to be fine.
    So the day of his first gig came,
    the crowd all started screaming his name
    And I left there crying, I was so proud that he had gotten on top of his game.

    He got himself back on track and then he vanished,
    I haven’t heard from him in over a year.
    Wandered if he was alive and ok?
    Maybe he’s just recording more songs and he forgot to tell me,
    I like to think it’s that ‘cus that’s what he would have wanted.

    I miss him so much,
    I just wish he’d call or stop by on his busy schedule or something’
    Just tell me that he’s fine and doing well.
    I hope so anyway, now he’s successful and everythin’

    His life is so much better know,
    he called and said he was in LA on tour and that he’d be home soon.
    And here he is back with us, back where he belongs.
    I knew we’d be ok in the end;
    He’s taken a break from all the tours and stuff.
    He finds rhyming makes him calmer;
    He can take all his anger out on the paper.
    He has nightmares as well about his past, and he’ll rap about these too,
    Although most people can’t relate to what he’s been through.
    I’ve taken his advice and wrote this down for you,
    ‘cus when you’re feeling down or blue,
    You need someone who’ll listen to you,
    And that’s why I’m here,
    telling his story through emotion and devotion,
    To a great man who worked hard to be where he is today.
    And we are ok now; we’ll see this thing through, because life has a funny way of trying to help you.

  10. I once said to my mommy
    I am going in the army but
    My ugly mommy said I am
    A little barmey to go in the
    Army so I said what do you
    Wont me to do run in a
    Circle like that fat doggy

    Minerva Red group.

  11. people are dying people are scared we need to help if u truely care

  12. hey matt u came 2 my school on the 1st march, u really got 2 me mate, thx 4 openin my eyes, cheers, i got a poem here, how can i post it

  13. chloe wheeler tynan Says:

    Matt, i posted two poems not long after you visited me at Bishop Challoner, and now they arent there.

  14. Shannon Fitzpatrick Says:


    Thos ‘aint knew to me,
    The pain,
    The hurt,
    The lies.
    I’ll still get up from the dirt,
    When you kick me down.
    I’ll stilll smile,
    When you walk by.
    I’ll still say “Hello”
    Even though I hate you.
    And It’s because of you,
    That I can’t trust anyone,

    I shouldn’t have to look over my shoulder,
    Yet I still feel afraid.
    I still can’t sleep in the dark,
    Even though you’re not there.
    Why do I still here you’re voice
    In my head?
    Why do I still see blood up the walls
    When there’s nothing there.

    I can still here myself screaming…..

  15. kai campbell Says:

    hi matt,
    my name’s Kai Campbell
    I go to ludlow C of E school and you’re really good. here’s one of my poems, hope you like it

    Who am I?

    I am not, a boy of “creed nor nationality”
    Not, a boy of “strength nor individuality”
    I’m not, a boy “full of thought”
    Inside a boy “quite distraught”

    I’m not a boy “who listens to be taught”
    Not a boy “who’s angry at odds”

    I am a man.

    A man of creed and nationality!
    A man of strength of individuality!
    A man full of thought!
    Never the boy once distraught!
    A man who listens and teaches
    Not a man who shouts at preaches
    I am a man both calm and even.

    am a man.

    hope you like it, can’t wait to hear what you think 🙂

  16. Shannon Fitzpatrick Says:

    I miss you……

    So maybe we fight,

    Argue and get each other jelous over anything,

    Were not perfect; so what?

    What really matters is all those conversations over the phone,

    All those times we’ve laughed just for the hell of it.

    All those songs that remind us of each other.

    And every time summer comes around

    I’m still the one who’s left broken and crying

    Knowing that your not here

    But despite all you’ve done

    I’ll still love you forever more.

    I miss you……

    By Shannon Fitzpatrick

  17. Shannon Fitzpatrick Says:

    I write poems all the time, you’ve probly noticed.
    Sorry about that. I want to inspire young people to share their emotions, and not just hide behind a mask. I want to let young people like me know that someone will always listen to them and understand them. That’s where I find poetry helps, some times it’s easier to write it down rarther than say it out loud. When I was going through a really bad time I wrote down everything I was feeling. It helped me understand the way I was feeling deep down. Nobody understood what I was going through or it seemed that way, and that’s why I want to make a difference, but how and where would I begin? Thanks for the help.
    Shannon Fitzpatrick afed 13.

  18. Chloe Miles Says:

    For us it was love at first sight
    We don’t need no love bite

    I give you all of my time
    All we can do is continue to climb

    Our love is really true
    In my life it’s just you

    Everyday I’m missing you
    I just want to hear you say boo

    Your heart’s stuck to mine with glue
    Nobody else has a clue

    You and me will be together
    Our love will last forever

    We may live miles apart
    but you’re forever in my heart….

  19. hi matt you came to my school on the 12 of janaury 2012 and i loved it so much i made my own poem! But how do i post it?

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