Here are some comments from adults and young people that I have worked with…

I first saw Matt perform at the “All about us conference” in July 2008 and I immediately felt that he was someone to whom the pupils, especially the under-achieving boys could relate. He came into school to run two days of Slam Poetry sessions. Initially he performed assemblies for two year groups and he also ran an extended interactive assembly for Year 7 based on the theme of ‘Citizenship’ in which he performed a poem he had written for the occasion. He then ran several one hour Poetry Slam workshops for year 10 & 11 pupils in which he encouraged them to find rhyming words and then create their own ‘slam’. Not only did staff comment on Matt’s performance in the assemblies, but the staff involved in the sessions were astounded by the focus and levels of participation from the underachievers.His performance will leave everyone in the room lost for words; which is good because he’s got plenty! I’d definitely recommend him to anyone.

Louise Clarke

Director of Citizenship

Fairfax School

Sutton Coldfield

Sharing some comments from a NATIONAL YEAR OF READING – Rhythm & Rhyme  Event,  at Sheldon Library, where Young Poet Laureate MATT WINDLE wooed the young people and their families.  SATURDAY JULY 19, 2008-07-21

I think that today was really good and it has made me like Poems. It was brilliant! A lot of fun.  My thanks to Matt, very well done. Good! Great! Amazing! Loved it! Jamazing (good)! Mine was best, better than Matt’s. Today was the best day at the library because I loved doing poems. Today was great. Today was brilliant” Matt made me feel like a poet and I am going to practice more poetry. I thought it was fun.  I learnt lots of poem.  It was interesting. I hope I can do it again. This was a great event. Matt is a very talented poet, who got everyone involved and appealed to all the children of different ages.  It was wonderful to see all the children joining in with so much enthusiasm!  What a brilliant afternoon, myself and 2 children have had a great time and they now want to be ‘poets’.  Matt was fantastic and very handsome too!!!

I loved seeing you matt, can we do it again please?

When I came I thought that it would be boring but I realised poetry is great. You did rhythm and rhyme and I’d like to say thank you Matt Windle you taught me that poetry is brilliant.

Comments from children and parents attending

The Yardley Youth Festival Poetry workshop session ‘Its good to be me!

Good, excellent, brilliant, the best fantastic. The session was informative and I think it will help children in their writing. It helped me with my english. Really good, 10/10!’. Matt – 100/100’. Brilliant, inspiration for the kids. Please come again to host another poetry workshop. We look forward to it!

Indonesia British International School

 Dear Matt,

Thanx for givin us the education,

and for being the source of our inspiration.

 We love you Matt,

Please come back for a another chat.

 It was so much fun to hang out, you were such a good freind,

we r so sad it had 2 come 2 an end.

 You are the worlds coolest guy,

we are so srry we had to say BYE!!!

Dear Matt
Thank you Matt, your poems are great
It already seems like your our best mate
I didn’t know slamming poems are so cool
Well, I didn’t know it existed, I’m such a fool!
Your hair is funky, I like its style
It should be your picture on your facebook profile
Your peoms seem to relate to us
Everywhere, in school, at home, even on the bus
Please come again next time,
Or we’ll commit a pretty good crime
Once again, thank you Matt
We hope you come back and have a chat!  

On Book week we had a surprise

as the excitment began to rise

 You came to our school to give us education

when you came to our school you gave us inspiration

 our hearts are glad that you came

we even stopped thinking about fame

 you taught us how to write poems and rhyme

out of all the day this was my favorite time

 we started with word burst

I hope our school was not the worst

 Then we were taught slamming

and on our pages words were cramming

 So now we thank you for that day

this is not the last thing I’ll say

Good luck,

We fell into your spell, that’s why we did well.

Fairfax school

Matt is a very inspirational person, when I first saw him I expected him to rap about gangs and crime, I was surprised when he said he was a poet. I believe he is inspirational because he has made something of a life which people believed would fail. I felt that poetry was boring until he introduced me to slam poetry. Matt showed me slam poetry and I think that it is an excellent way for teenagers to express their thoughts. Year 11 pupil, Fairfax School.

One Response to “Testimonials”

  1. Jordan Ames Says:

    I think matt’s a great teacher and the poems he teaches to everyone are inspiring there interesting and certainly not boring 🙂

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