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Lit Fuse

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Don’t forget, tonight!!! The 16th of April – It’s ‘lit fuse’ at the MAC in cannon hill park. I’m performing a new piece about Leonidas and the 300 Spartans fighting the Persians in 480BC and flashing back to make modern day comparisons. If you’ve got the film 300 watch it before you come! It starts at 7.30pm and we will finish about half 8/9. SEE YOU THERE!

Details of my work from the last month will be coming very soon!!!


Jobs for this week!

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My first poetry action this week was Tuesday the 18th of Jan at the Steiner Academy in Hereford. I worked with pupils there around the theme of ‘identity’ and really got some cracking and inventive stuff. Let’s hope they send some of the poems my way!

 Thursday the 20th of January I went back to Bearwood School to present the winning team with their ‘slampion’ trophy. A massive well done to them!

Then later on that day I’m off to Kings Heath community centre to perform at an event being held by the police force discussing with young people what can be done to make their area better!

Friday 21st I have a meeting with Warren Farm Primary School to work out our lesson plan for the upcoming project I have there.

Public Address Tour: The final chapter :(

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So here it is. The final date of my first tour is now here. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since we were kicking off in Newcastle. But it’s actually been 2 months and now the last gig is upon us. In Birmingham! My home city. Lets hope the place is buzzing to get our spoken word artists really in the mood.

There’s 4 amazing poets (and myself) performing at the MAC (Midlands Art Centre) in Cannon Hill Park, B12 9QH on Thursday the 9th of December and you’re all invited! Please come and check it out and enjoy some spoken word greatness.

Tickets are £5 if you are 16 or below. 60 or above or a university student. If you are non of those and you can’t blag it then tickets are £7.

The performances start at 7.30pm so please if you could be there for 7pm that would be ace!

I hope to see you tomorrow and lets hope there are many more tours to come in the future!

Al-Hijrah part 3

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Today (30th of December) I’m back at Al-Hijrah school for the 3rd instalment of our 5 week work shop. Today they will at least start writing the main poem that they will be performing just after the Christmas holidays.

Workshop @ Alexandra High – Weather Permitted!

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Tomorrow (Monday 29th of November) I’m back at Alexandra High school for the second year running holding a slam workshop all day with the year 9’s. Their main writing theme will be ‘aim higher’ and the winning group of the day will go on to face other Sandwell schools on the 9th of December at the Public in West Brom. Hopefully we’ll get some nice new poems to pop on to my website as well :).

To Birmingham and beyond

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Monday 22nd. I’m kicking the week off at Terves Green boys’ school trying to get some lads a bit more inspired and showing them a different way of learning. Then from 2.30pm I’m off to Bearwood for a meeting with Bearwood Primary.

Tuesday 23rd I’m back with the Tapestry of talent guys from Harborne Academy and this time we’re hitting London! They better be ready.

Wednesday 24th I’m hooking up with Jodi Ann Bickley and we’re just going to write, write and write until we get some good ideas for the final speak up of 2010. You don’t want to miss that on December 7th!

Thursday 25th I’m starting off with my good friend Spoz at Phoenix collegiate for a slam poetry workshop as part of the Sandwell Slam that will be happening at the Public in West Brom. Then I’m off for a poetry performance in Worcestershire with the guys I’ve been working with for the Young Poet Laureate.

Friday 26th I’m starting the day off at BBC WM with Phil Upton at 8.20 am so listen out for that! Then I have a performance at the MAC doing a poem about mental health that I have wrote especially for the occasion and then from the evening I’m at Aston University to perform for the community groups that work around Birmingham trying to give young people chances!

This weeks plan.

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Today, Monday 15th November I’ve had a great day at Netherton primary school getting young people (year 5) in to poetry. They all said it was boring before the session and wanted my autograph as I was leaving.

Tuesday 16th I am receiving my leadership award for the work I’ve been doing around the city so I’m honoured to be getting this and can’t wait for the night to begin.

Wednesday 17th for the school day 8-3 I’m at Swanshurst School for anti bullying week and they will be basing their poems around that subject. Then from 5pm I will be at the Council House doing a performance for young people who are receiving awards.

Thursday 18th my public address tour continues and this time I’m in Plymouth. Lets hope some more contacts are made!

Friday 19th I will be rushing back from Plymouth for a meeting before returning to the Council House to host an event that’s dominated by youngsters!   

Saturday 20th I end this busy week off with a trip to Walsall to perform with the tapestry of talent gang from Harborne Academy.

Sunday 21st I’m hooking up with Jodi Ann Bickley to sort out the plans for the final and biggest ‘speak up’ of the year that’s happening on December 7th. Keep your eyes peeled on this site for more info closer to the time.