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Easter = chocolate!

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April this year was especially quiet what with Easter AND a royal wedding all in the same month. But here are one or two things I got up to, to keep me ticking over.  

Thursday 14th I got the train down toReading for a workshop at HMP young offenders. I was a bit apprehensive before the day started but what a fantastic, eye opening experience that turned out to be. I loved every second of it and I believe the young men did too. Some seriously inspiring, touching and personal pieces came from that workshop and I hope to get the poems on my website in the future. They all had the talent and capability so I just hope they use that to help better the rest of their lives!

Friday 15th I was at the MAC for another workshop getting me ready for the ‘lit fuse’ performance the next day! On the night time I was fighting. And again, I won.

Saturday 16th I was at the MAC tying up loose ends for my performance later on in the evening. It was pretty much a full house and thank you to every body that turned up. I loved it!


Lit Fuse

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Don’t forget, tonight!!! The 16th of April – It’s ‘lit fuse’ at the MAC in cannon hill park. I’m performing a new piece about Leonidas and the 300 Spartans fighting the Persians in 480BC and flashing back to make modern day comparisons. If you’ve got the film 300 watch it before you come! It starts at 7.30pm and we will finish about half 8/9. SEE YOU THERE!

Details of my work from the last month will be coming very soon!!!

This weeks work

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Monday the 24th of January I started the week off holding a workshop at Haybridge High School in Hagley working with year 7’s and 8’s. All students came up to the front performed their poems so I hope they enjoyed the day!

Tuesday the 25th I’m heading over to Four Dwellings High School to hold 2 workshops with 80 kids and a workshop with some of the guys at the flip centre.

Thursday 27th I’m back at Haybridge getting the students to write around the theme of ‘identity’

Friday the 28th in the afternoon I’m at the MAC in cannon hill with Bright Space so if you’re free please come and pop your face in. I’ll be there from half 12. Then on the night time it’s the final to find Worcestershire’s first ever Young Poet Laureate. What a cracking night that will be.

And to finish the week off on the 29th I’m doing a little 10 minute performance at a youth service event just to get the audience nice and relaxed before their fab day begins!

The final stretch before Christmas

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The last little bit of work for 2010 is here.

Monday the 13th of December I’ve been to two schools holding workshops for the Worcestershire Young Poet Laureate competition. In the morning I was at Forest Oak before travelling to Stourport High school so fingers crossed the YPL will have a few more entries.  

Tuesday the 14th I’m at the MAC holding an all day workshop trying to build the confidence and inspire the pupils of Virtual College. Let’s hope I get them all up to the front performing their work.

Wednesday the 15th I finish off for Christmas at the council house performing at another ‘chance to shine’ tea party – with a Christmas theme!

To Birmingham and beyond

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Monday 22nd. I’m kicking the week off at Terves Green boys’ school trying to get some lads a bit more inspired and showing them a different way of learning. Then from 2.30pm I’m off to Bearwood for a meeting with Bearwood Primary.

Tuesday 23rd I’m back with the Tapestry of talent guys from Harborne Academy and this time we’re hitting London! They better be ready.

Wednesday 24th I’m hooking up with Jodi Ann Bickley and we’re just going to write, write and write until we get some good ideas for the final speak up of 2010. You don’t want to miss that on December 7th!

Thursday 25th I’m starting off with my good friend Spoz at Phoenix collegiate for a slam poetry workshop as part of the Sandwell Slam that will be happening at the Public in West Brom. Then I’m off for a poetry performance in Worcestershire with the guys I’ve been working with for the Young Poet Laureate.

Friday 26th I’m starting the day off at BBC WM with Phil Upton at 8.20 am so listen out for that! Then I have a performance at the MAC doing a poem about mental health that I have wrote especially for the occasion and then from the evening I’m at Aston University to perform for the community groups that work around Birmingham trying to give young people chances!

Here, there and everywhere!

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Another busy week for me this week and I love it! This week really will feel like I’m here, there and everywhere!

 Monday 18th October I’m at the Birmingham Council House doing a little performance at a tea party for some very deserving young people being awarded with certificates.

Tuesday the 19th I’m at two schools in the same day in Nuneaton working with young people aged between 4 and 12 trying to get the a bit more inspired about poetry. Wish me luck!

Wednesday the 20th my Public Address tour continues with a little visit down to Rich Mix in London. If you’re based in the south, GET THERE! You don’t want to miss it.

Thursday the 21st I’m rushing home from London in the early hours of the morning to make sure I’ll be in Coventry for a workshop at another two different schools. Then once I have finished the second school in Coventry I’m rushing back to Birmingham to make it to the MAC theatre in Cannon Hill to perform at the Young People’s Parliament Showcase.

Friday the 22nd I’m back at the council house this time hosting an event with my good friend Spoz to celebrate the young people in Birmingham and the GOOD things they get up to.

Saturday the 23rd I’m in Droitwich to continue the search for Worcestershire’s first ever Young Poet Laureate. Then at 4pm I’ll be rushing to Hereford to get involved with there 2nd Young Poet Laureate.

Sunday the 24th I pass out!!!!