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“Fancy being thrown in the deep end and doing a 2 hour boxercise session with the whole class?”

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A spontaneous ‘Poetry with Punch’ workshop occurred recently when I arrived at Montgomery primary school for my usual poetry session only to be told that their schedule had changed and that they now had PE all morning.

The teacher asked if I fancied ‘rolling with the punches’ to do a heavyweight version of our boxercise class.
Never one to back down from a fight…I mean challenge, I agreed to dust the gloves off and get to it.

We started warming the body up with some fun games that they wouldn’t necessarily notice was boxing related. (A little bit like Mr Miyagi’s ‘wax on, wax off’ routine.)
We worked on the basics of boxing;
Stance,hand positioning, footwork, rhythm and straight punches.
Once I felt that they had that down to a satisfactory level we rotated 30 children, each in 3 groups of 10, between boxers skipping, partner pad work and tag boxing.

Upon the conclusion of our martial art form, we all trotted off back upstairs to study a different type of art… poetry!

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Another Fight

Posted in Boxing with tags , , , , on May 4, 2011 by Matt 'Man' Windle

Friday the 29th of April – after training for twice a day all bank holiday – I was fighting over in Yardley. I came out the victor in a majority points win.

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I won my fight with a unanimous point’s victory. Thanks to everybody that came to support. 8 out of 10 wins for Warley so it was a good night over all. The next show is the 3rd of December. Contact me in November for tickets.

Warley Boxing Club: ‘Fighting Friday’

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This Friday there’s a fight guaranteed at Warley ABC’s ‘Fighting Friday’ boxing show. Me and my good friends from the gym are ready for some toe to toe boxing and I can’t wait for my 26th fight! All other details are on the poster above.