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“Fancy being thrown in the deep end and doing a 2 hour boxercise session with the whole class?”

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A spontaneous ‘Poetry with Punch’ workshop occurred recently when I arrived at Montgomery primary school for my usual poetry session only to be told that their schedule had changed and that they now had PE all morning.

The teacher asked if I fancied ‘rolling with the punches’ to do a heavyweight version of our boxercise class.
Never one to back down from a fight…I mean challenge, I agreed to dust the gloves off and get to it.

We started warming the body up with some fun games that they wouldn’t necessarily notice was boxing related. (A little bit like Mr Miyagi’s ‘wax on, wax off’ routine.)
We worked on the basics of boxing;
Stance,hand positioning, footwork, rhythm and straight punches.
Once I felt that they had that down to a satisfactory level we rotated 30 children, each in 3 groups of 10, between boxers skipping, partner pad work and tag boxing.

Upon the conclusion of our martial art form, we all trotted off back upstairs to study a different type of art… poetry!

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Public Address Tour: The final chapter :(

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So here it is. The final date of my first tour is now here. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since we were kicking off in Newcastle. But it’s actually been 2 months and now the last gig is upon us. In Birmingham! My home city. Lets hope the place is buzzing to get our spoken word artists really in the mood.

There’s 4 amazing poets (and myself) performing at the MAC (Midlands Art Centre) in Cannon Hill Park, B12 9QH on Thursday the 9th of December and you’re all invited! Please come and check it out and enjoy some spoken word greatness.

Tickets are £5 if you are 16 or below. 60 or above or a university student. If you are non of those and you can’t blag it then tickets are £7.

The performances start at 7.30pm so please if you could be there for 7pm that would be ace!

I hope to see you tomorrow and lets hope there are many more tours to come in the future!

Speak up!!!

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Are you ready? No seriously. Are you ready? For the biggest speak up EVERRRR! When I say big, I mean massive! Established acts include Eva Lazarus, Ed Sheeran, Alex Gwyther, Polarbear and Scroobius Pip.

Hosted by the amazing Jodi Ann Bickley. Even though it’s her baby, she didn’t quite want to go it alone so her partner in rhyme (me) is popping on stage to help her out. Hanging out with us and playing some music on stage will also be Joe Girvan.

It’s at the Hare & Hounds pub in Kings Heath and if you live in or any where near Birmingham you need to get to this event! Tickets nearly sold out though so you better be quick! Look forward to seeing you there.

If you can’t make this event please do come to my final tour date this Thursday the 9th of December at the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) in Cannon Hill Park. Tickets if you are 16 or below, 60 or above or a university student are £5. £7 for any body else. There are 4 other amazing spoken word artists on from across England so please come and check it out!!!

To Birmingham and beyond

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Monday 22nd. I’m kicking the week off at Terves Green boys’ school trying to get some lads a bit more inspired and showing them a different way of learning. Then from 2.30pm I’m off to Bearwood for a meeting with Bearwood Primary.

Tuesday 23rd I’m back with the Tapestry of talent guys from Harborne Academy and this time we’re hitting London! They better be ready.

Wednesday 24th I’m hooking up with Jodi Ann Bickley and we’re just going to write, write and write until we get some good ideas for the final speak up of 2010. You don’t want to miss that on December 7th!

Thursday 25th I’m starting off with my good friend Spoz at Phoenix collegiate for a slam poetry workshop as part of the Sandwell Slam that will be happening at the Public in West Brom. Then I’m off for a poetry performance in Worcestershire with the guys I’ve been working with for the Young Poet Laureate.

Friday 26th I’m starting the day off at BBC WM with Phil Upton at 8.20 am so listen out for that! Then I have a performance at the MAC doing a poem about mental health that I have wrote especially for the occasion and then from the evening I’m at Aston University to perform for the community groups that work around Birmingham trying to give young people chances!

Word Up Photo Shoot

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This year Worcestershire decided that they to – like Birmingham and Hereford – would elect a Young Poet Laureate and it’s getting ever closer! This Wednesday (the 29th of September) myself and Spoz have got a photo shoot to help advertise this great competition.

Performing at the Council House

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From 5pm tomorrow (Monday 20th of September) I’ll be down the Birmingham Council House performing a few poems. Let’s hope some good connections are made!