Customized poems for you!

Would you like a poem for the big event you’ve got coming up?

Or how about a little something for that special someone in your life? Maybe you have an anniversary or a birthday to celebrate and you’d like to give it a personal touch.

Whether you want a commissioned poem for business or pleasure I am more than happy to accommodate.

Please contact me with information and I can get back to you with prices.

Thanks for your interest, Matt.


One Response to “Customized poems for you!”

  1. Hi Matt

    thank you very much for performing and supporting the Open Mic night as part of the Creative Journeys event on 28th September. I’d like to commission you to write a poem as part of the legacy of the event. We’re creating a website for parents called “A Proper Job?” to provide advice and guidance for parent’s whose chidlren are considering a career in the arts or media. I’d love to include a poem from you. The Birmingham Rep made a piece of theatre on the day, which we filmed, from top tips from young people who attended the schools event which I can email over to you. This included some thoughts about advice they would like given to their parents! Let me know is you’re interested and very happy to pay up to £150 if inspiration takes you that far! all the best Noel

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