Jobs for the week

My working week starts for me on Tuesday 8th of February at the Minerva centre In Frankley. I’m there for an hour talking/performing and showing the young people who to write poems! Following this I’m back to Al-Hijrah and the lads have got their final writing session before their performance!

Wednesday the 9th I’m holding a workshop all day at Bishop Challoner school working with year 7 all the way up to year 11 so fingers crossed it will be a nice day!

Thursday the 10th I am at Netherton primary school all day getting year 5’s to write some poetry! On the evening there is a new spoken word night called ‘hit the ode’ at the Victoria in town with some amazing acts so please come  and check it out!

Finishing the week off on Friday the 11th I am at Haybridge for the final time holding a half day workshop.


2 Responses to “Jobs for the week”

  1. Hi Matt, good luck with the other schools!!!

  2. yeah i hope you have good luck come to back to vist us again 😉

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