This weeks work

Monday the 24th of January I started the week off holding a workshop at Haybridge High School in Hagley working with year 7’s and 8’s. All students came up to the front performed their poems so I hope they enjoyed the day!

Tuesday the 25th I’m heading over to Four Dwellings High School to hold 2 workshops with 80 kids and a workshop with some of the guys at the flip centre.

Thursday 27th I’m back at Haybridge getting the students to write around the theme of ‘identity’

Friday the 28th in the afternoon I’m at the MAC in cannon hill with Bright Space so if you’re free please come and pop your face in. I’ll be there from half 12. Then on the night time it’s the final to find Worcestershire’s first ever Young Poet Laureate. What a cracking night that will be.

And to finish the week off on the 29th I’m doing a little 10 minute performance at a youth service event just to get the audience nice and relaxed before their fab day begins!


11 Responses to “This weeks work”

  1. Ellen Gilbo Says:

    thanks for teaching me and my class at the end of the day today and you still seemed really enthusiastic and we enjoyed your poems and we are inspired by your work here at Haybridge

    • Cheers Ellen i’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for checking out the site! I’m back at Haybridge another 3/4 times in the next few weeks so I’ll catch you then. Matt.

  2. Hi matt im lawaiza from bearwood. I really hope you can come back to our school and do morre work with us and good luck with the preformance on Friday!

  3. Natalie McVey Says:

    Almost back to ‘normal’ after an awesome night last night.
    Great to see you, thanks for everything, you’re a star! 🙂

  4. Hey matt.
    Great pic!
    I am totally going to ask if you can come back!
    But the prob is that maybe we might not be here.

  5. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Hey Matt.
    Great pic!!!!!!!!!
    I am definately going to ask our teachers to get you back!
    But maybe the yr 6’s might of left 😦 ;( 😦

  6. cool website
    are you going to come back to our school
    your a star
    that reminds me ive got a poem about a star 🙂 😉 😀 😛

  7. I wish i could rap 😛

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