Jobs for this week!

My first poetry action this week was Tuesday the 18th of Jan at the Steiner Academy in Hereford. I worked with pupils there around the theme of ‘identity’ and really got some cracking and inventive stuff. Let’s hope they send some of the poems my way!

 Thursday the 20th of January I went back to Bearwood School to present the winning team with their ‘slampion’ trophy. A massive well done to them!

Then later on that day I’m off to Kings Heath community centre to perform at an event being held by the police force discussing with young people what can be done to make their area better!

Friday 21st I have a meeting with Warren Farm Primary School to work out our lesson plan for the upcoming project I have there.


3 Responses to “Jobs for this week!”

  1. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Heyy Matt,
    Around how many schools have you been to?
    You know when you said ‘the slampions’ I thought that was the name of the group!:)

  2. sumayyah sandwell bearwood Says:

    have you only presented a trophy to our school or have you gave some to other schools.

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