Back to work..

First off, Happy New Year to you all!

Monday the 10th  of January I’m back to the day job for the first time since the Christmas holidays.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I’m holding a poetry workshop at Bearwood Primary school and come the end of the week we’ll have a slam to see who the best poets in the school are!

Breaking my week up a bit on Wednesday the 12th I’m at Severn vale school in Gloucester holding a workshop trying to make some year 10 pupils more inspired by poetry!


53 Responses to “Back to work..”

  1. Niamh from bearwood Says:

    Hey, Matt! I am Niamh from Bearwood primary, you taught us really cool stuff! I think that the poetry you do really makes people like poetry!!!!

  2. Hi Matt.Your website is really wicked!!!!!!!!

  3. Ayesha from bewood primary school Says:

    hi matt you website is really cool I like is and thank you for comming in to our class today it was really fun that stuff you did with us was amazing I hope you come back in our class to do some other stuff to.

  4. Your slam poetry was really cool!
    I especially liked finding words that rhyme with education and create.

  5. Hi Matt and yes lawaiza I agree the website is cool matt you are a good poet and the stuff you taught us was really wicked!!!!!!!

  6. lauren thackham Says:

    i was at the severnvale workshop- you were really amazing 🙂 I LOVE YOU- YOU ROCK

  7. hey matt, i go to severn vale school. u taught us quite alot. i was in the last group that performed at the end of the day. i’ ve been writin lyrics and stuff for about a year and it’s startin to get easier.

    • Nice 1 Josh i’m glad you got something from the session. I hope that after yesterday writing may be a bit easier for you to. If you’ve got any pieces you want me to put on the site then just send them through to me.

  8. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Hi Matt I think your great! Your website is so cool! I hope we can stay intouch by this website.

  9. hey matt I’m from bearwood school what you taught us so far I love.

  10. 2moz is the big day!!!I am looking 4ward 2 it!!:-)

  11. Molly lane Says:

    I was at severn vale and i thought you were amazing :Dx

  12. sumayyah tall one bwood Says:

    yo matt you might know me from the slam off the tall one , when i found out we never won ,i felt like screaming but then my friend told me at least we tried, my actual question was what rhymes with midlands?:)

    • arh no worries mate don’t beat yourself up about it. You made the final and you tried so you should be proud of yourself! maybe next time! with a word like midland just rhyme with the ‘land’ part of it. and, band, sand, all those sort of words. Hope that helps!

  13. sumayyah tall one bwood Says:

    by the way i have had a try at writing my own poems for about 3 years now!
    i bet you can’t believe it.

  14. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Hi Matt I think your great! Your website is so cool! I hope we can stay intouch by this website. 🙂

  15. Matt your are wicked at rapping!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. yousuf @ bearwood primary Says:

    hi matt i was doin my online homework called sam learning the i just rememberd my uncle said music then suddenly i rembered to come check it out. for starters matt u where sikk man hpe u come to our school and teach me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hi Matt your poetry is sooo cool And I thought poetry was boring!

  18. Tyesha from Bearwood Primary School Says:

    Hey matt you are sick at poetry i was in the final my group was the chocahoilcs your wicked xxx

  19. Hey matt 1st of all u were wicked hpe u cme 2 r sch again cause u were just bad by da way nice pic and i do hpe we can stay intouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luv reya

  20. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Hi Matt I think your great! Your website is so cool! I hope we can stay intouch by this website. :):):)

  21. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Hi Matt plz reply 2 the comment abuv coz u c ive been typing tat 3 times now so plz reply 2 it.

  22. Hi Matt it’s me from bearwood the one who saw you in the hall and asked if we were going on TV lol well cool website now I love Poetry !!!!!

    P.S Nice Picture! 🙂

  23. sumayyah tall one bwood Says:

    i saw these gangsters one day
    they were comin’ towards me what should i say
    then they pushed me on the ground i started crying
    there were more of them coming i felt like dying
    but then i saw the teacher come up
    the gangsters started shouting and he shouted shut up!
    he gave me a hand off the ground
    and then my smile turned upside down

    and that was a poem all by meeeeee! luckily it’s not true

  24. Hi Matt I called u Mr. Rapper you are really cool keep up the fantastic work! 😀 🙂 but poetry is ok i like it about 50%!!!

  25. Hi Matt u r really cool im from bearwood and keep up the great work!!!

  26. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Heyy Matt,
    Can I ask you a question?
    Around how many schools have you been to?

  27. sumayyah tall one bwood Says:

    thanks for the answer of what rhythm rhymes with,here’s a poem.
    I live in west Midlands
    i looked at it at first and i was stunned
    the beautiful sun and the beautiful light
    i look at it for me this is just right
    i’m here today and i’m here tomorrow
    to forget all the memories of sorrow.

  28. sumayyah sandwell bearwood Says:

    yeah matt i completely forgot about telling you something.Why not visit our blog,it’s got loads of exciting things on their and the videos of the slam

    just type in bearwood primary school sand well blog and hope fully you’ll find it.
    yeah and thanks for comin’ yesterday!!!!!:}

  29. aaron from bearwood school Says:

    I loved working with you it was really fun:):):);)

  30. aaron from bearwood school Says:

    I liked working with you :): ; ) 😛

  31. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    just sayin 🙂 LOL

  32. hi matt u are realy good and u made like poetry

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