My Christmas Poem

Here is the youtube link to ‘my christmas poem.’ A version with better sound will be coming shortly! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!


13 Responses to “My Christmas Poem”

  1. Ayesha from bewood primary school Says:

    hey matt your christmas poem is really really good one question how do you remember all of the words for evey poem you write?

  2. your christmas poem was cool! how do you think of brilliant rhyming words?

    • erm i’m not sure. You just get used to it. Go through the alphabet saying the word you want to rhyme with and use each letter of the alphabet at the beginning to try and make a new word. Or get a rhyming dictionary.

  3. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    There is a rhyming dictionary?! +

  4. Aaradhya bearwood 6m Says:

    Hi Matt, did you ask year 6 about it because they told me that you asked about it. Its a shame I didnt come to see it. 😦

  5. Hi Matt how are you anyway I expected you to be an old bag but 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the teachers have to bring you back fo

  6. did you actually apply for this job or did you get chosen randomly?

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