Speak up!!!

Are you ready? No seriously. Are you ready? For the biggest speak up EVERRRR! When I say big, I mean massive! Established acts include Eva Lazarus, Ed Sheeran, Alex Gwyther, Polarbear and Scroobius Pip.

Hosted by the amazing Jodi Ann Bickley. Even though it’s her baby, she didn’t quite want to go it alone so her partner in rhyme (me) is popping on stage to help her out. Hanging out with us and playing some music on stage will also be Joe Girvan.

It’s at the Hare & Hounds pub in Kings Heath and if you live in or any where near Birmingham you need to get to this event! Tickets nearly sold out though so you better be quick! Look forward to seeing you there.

If you can’t make this event please do come to my final tour date this Thursday the 9th of December at the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) in Cannon Hill Park. Tickets if you are 16 or below, 60 or above or a university student are £5. £7 for any body else. There are 4 other amazing spoken word artists on from across England so please come and check it out!!!


2 Responses to “Speak up!!!”

  1. I love you matt, your the best! You are 1 man I really look up to. Nuf respec! jai x

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