To Birmingham and beyond

Monday 22nd. I’m kicking the week off at Terves Green boys’ school trying to get some lads a bit more inspired and showing them a different way of learning. Then from 2.30pm I’m off to Bearwood for a meeting with Bearwood Primary.

Tuesday 23rd I’m back with the Tapestry of talent guys from Harborne Academy and this time we’re hitting London! They better be ready.

Wednesday 24th I’m hooking up with Jodi Ann Bickley and we’re just going to write, write and write until we get some good ideas for the final speak up of 2010. You don’t want to miss that on December 7th!

Thursday 25th I’m starting off with my good friend Spoz at Phoenix collegiate for a slam poetry workshop as part of the Sandwell Slam that will be happening at the Public in West Brom. Then I’m off for a poetry performance in Worcestershire with the guys I’ve been working with for the Young Poet Laureate.

Friday 26th I’m starting the day off at BBC WM with Phil Upton at 8.20 am so listen out for that! Then I have a performance at the MAC doing a poem about mental health that I have wrote especially for the occasion and then from the evening I’m at Aston University to perform for the community groups that work around Birmingham trying to give young people chances!


2 Responses to “To Birmingham and beyond”

  1. kate pjipps Says:

    Matt, your words for youthspace were class. Thank you. Understand you are going to do some workshops around our venues. We see a wealth of creativity in the young people who we come into contact with, giving them voice through poetry with a punch will be great channel. Thanx again Matt.

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