This weeks plan.

Today, Monday 15th November I’ve had a great day at Netherton primary school getting young people (year 5) in to poetry. They all said it was boring before the session and wanted my autograph as I was leaving.

Tuesday 16th I am receiving my leadership award for the work I’ve been doing around the city so I’m honoured to be getting this and can’t wait for the night to begin.

Wednesday 17th for the school day 8-3 I’m at Swanshurst School for anti bullying week and they will be basing their poems around that subject. Then from 5pm I will be at the Council House doing a performance for young people who are receiving awards.

Thursday 18th my public address tour continues and this time I’m in Plymouth. Lets hope some more contacts are made!

Friday 19th I will be rushing back from Plymouth for a meeting before returning to the Council House to host an event that’s dominated by youngsters!   

Saturday 20th I end this busy week off with a trip to Walsall to perform with the tapestry of talent gang from Harborne Academy.

Sunday 21st I’m hooking up with Jodi Ann Bickley to sort out the plans for the final and biggest ‘speak up’ of the year that’s happening on December 7th. Keep your eyes peeled on this site for more info closer to the time.


One Response to “This weeks plan.”

  1. I met you at Forked in Plymouth about an hour ago. I found you refreshingly fascinating.

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