National Poetry WEEK!

Busy week for me this week as I’m holding workshops over the midlands and travel up to North Shields for the first time to start my public address tour.

Monday the 4th of October I’m back at the bond with bright space holding 3 workshops with different schools.

Tuesday the 5th I’m at Kingsbury School working with all year groups holding slam poetry workshops.

Wednesday the 6th the first day of my tour starts in North Shields at Saville Exchange, NE30 2SE so I hope to make some poetry friends up north.

Thursday the 7th and Friday the 8th I return home from my tour in the early hours of Thursday morning to hold 4 workshops over 2 days at 4 different schools in Highgate. Then on Thursday night I’m performing a little spoken word slot at the Birmingham Hippodrome so come down and check it out!

Weekend I rest!


2 Responses to “National Poetry WEEK!”

  1. Matt Williams Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Is this the same Matt Windle who went to Bournville school about 5 years ago??? I’m now working in a secondary school in Cov would be great to get you in.

    • Hi Matt, Yes it is me that went to Bournville lol. Good to hear from you! Would be great to come to your school. I tried to email you but maybe it never worked? grab my email off the site and drop me a message. Talk soon, Matt.

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